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Apr. 12th, 2007

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Mar. 28th, 2007

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The territory of the Kamchatka area and all Kamchatka is one of the richest in the world on natural and recreational resources. Thermal and mineral sources on the Kamchatka, volcanoes and the glaciers, a well-known Valley of geysers, various, in the majority of places the flora is not touched with a civilization and fauna, create the big opportunities for development of ecological tourism, sports fishing, mountain-skiing tourism, mountaineering. Kamchatka

In the Kamchatka area are 2 national parks, 17 state animal areas, and 169 unique natural objects, including nature sanctuaries, 5 natural parks. 27% territories of Kamchatka area are referred to a category protected. Five natural territories on the Kamchatka are included by UNESCO in the List of the World cultural and natural heritage, incorporated under the general name " Volcanoes of Kamchatka ".

Such natural phenomena concern to recreational potential on the Kamchatka, exotic objects and features of area, as grandiose mountain tops with an abundance extinct or active volcanoes, set of hot and cold mineral sources, geysers, located, as a rule, in the picturesque valleys surrounded with mountains with tops raised to the sky, the eternal snows covered, with the slopes overgrown with violent greens and the Alpine meadows, first of all. Kamchatka

Kamchatka is extraordinary rich in water resources: about 14000 rivers and springs, about 100000 big and small lakes, 414 glaciers by the general area 871,1км2 here are totaled. In territory of Kamchatka are 29 working and about 150 extinct volcanoes, 274 mineral sources, 160 from which are hot, it is totaled 37 kinds of wild animals, all kinds of a Pacific salmon. Woods are rich in berry, a ramson, the glutton, beavers live in wild places and otters, set of a fur animal and game a lynx.

Coast of peninsula gives unforgettable impressions , abruptly breaking rocks in foamed waves of the sea, parting with the most beautiful bays and gulfs, where go the rivers with crystal-clear water, where on ledges of rocks are hundred thousand sea birds, see eagles. On set stony islands have a rest numerous seals, and in coastal waters play dolphins and white whales, float majestic whales. Kamchatka

A plenty of the nature sanctuaries representing unique sources on the Kamchatka, falls, rocks, volcanoes, islands with colonies of birds, lakes and fjords, hills and natural boundaries, fish and animal areas and close areas always will involve the tourists loving a nature. Presence of active volcanic activity, mountain tops in height more than 3000 and 4000 meters, the rough rivers and the seas, coastal waters, rich in fauna, historical monuments, still will cause interest as at cause still interest both at foreign, and in our tourists, scientific, climbers, fans(amateurs) to observe of birds, animal, plants and all variety of a untouched nature.

Mar. 21st, 2007

Another photos about my flights...

Click on photo to zoom in...

Part 1 (winter flights)


Part two (others flights)


Mar. 19th, 2007

If u thought about Russians guys is fun... Looks for taht one...

No comments i can post here...


another one...


Look... thats how we make a parking in Russia...

Ma car up on another... :)

Illd recomend to u read this one...

The Lives and Times of Jerry Cornelius: Stories of the Comic Apocalypse

Book DescriptionJerry Cornelius – English assassin, physicist, rock star, messiah to the Age of Science – is one of fantastic literature’s greatest creations. Acclaimed by Moorcock’s readers, critics, and peers from Mick Jagger to J. G. Ballard, Cornelius is the ultimate postmodern antihero, more Borgesian than Asimovian. Three of the stories in this collection are here anthologized for the first time: "The Spencer Inheritance," which enmeshes Jerry with Princess Di; "Cheering for theRockets," involving an attack on a Sudanese pharmaceutical plant; and "Firing the Cathedral," a novella based on 9/11 and its aftermath.

Much more thanks for Zeph for idea... (he know bout what im...)

About my self...

Michael S.
of 02 jan 1983

Now I am

1) Chief of group of the developers;
2) Developer of hardware-software complexes and systems;
3) System manager;

The experience of work:
Outsider - Bystronic (Switzerland) - conducting adviser in the field of development of the automated complexes in shops with semi-automatic management (country of CIS)

From 09.2001 till this hour - Military JSC Sigma-aldore - System engineer - programmer
Development of units both systems of the telecontrol and telecontrol. Development and management of the projects. The clients of the developed systems are the enterprises municipal, chemical, metallurgical, nuclear industry etc.
Service of machine tools from Haemmerle, Beyeler, Bystronic.
Creation of the managing programs for BySprint 1800/3015, and also administration of a site laser are sharp.

My work

The Vladivostok State University of Economy and service (externat)

About my self
Long time I work in the field of development both introduction of information and machine-building technologies. I have wide experience in designing and introduction of systems of automation. Good knowledge of the nomenclature of the market IT and modern element base. From personal qualities it would be desirable to note the responsibility and purposefulness. Is requiring to subordinated. Stay away of conflicts.

* Administration of computer networks and their installation. (Novell, NT, 2000/03, 9x).
* All-round knowledge IT software and hardware.
* Development of microcontrollers on Z80, 8085, 8252, PIC X, AT89 X, AT90 X, IPCatCHIP
* Programming on Pascal, Delphi, Assembler, C/C .
* Work with OrCad, P-Cad, PCAD-2001 (Accel EDA), Corel Draw!, Visio etc.
* Development of the drawings in the Compass - diagram, AutoCad-200x.
* Work with all CAD systems and erection facilities.
* Good knowledge english (technical).

Interests / Hobby

The basic areas of interests: 
microcontrollers, network, PC periphery, 3D graphics, fantastic literature, music and (paragliding... see photos below.)

I have personal laboratory base (seriously base). It is possible to work on the contract.